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A group of friends enjoying a holiday party on a party bus.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…time to revel in the holidays and throw a party! This is the time when your friends and family are all getting together, so offer them a fun and unforgettable moment with a holiday party on a party bus. Here are some festive ideas to help you transform your party bus and have a magical experience!

Get Grinched

The Grinch, the popular Christmas movie character, is a fun theme to utilize for a holiday party! And a Grinch Christmas party is fun for all ages, especially if you ask guests to dress up in characters. As the host, you can dress up as the Grinch, deck your party bus out in red, green, and fuzzy decorations, and enjoy playing fun songs from the movies while you party it up on your bus! Is the party bus absolutely necessary for this themed party? No – but it will definitely make it one your guests won’t forget!

Christmas Carol-oke

A hallmark of the holiday season is the music. You and your friends likely already know all the lyrics to all the popular holiday music. So why not make a fun night out of it?

For your Christmas Carol-oke holiday party, you rent a party bus, plug in a playlist of your favorite holiday music, and encourage everyone to sing, no matter how bad they sound. Bring some of your favorite drinks, like champagne, beer, or pre-mixed cocktails to wet your whistle and help those gain the courage to join in the sing-along.

If you want to make this party even more magical, have your chauffeur drive you through a route that shows off some beautiful holiday lights. You’ll get to enjoy caroling while looking at holiday lights without having to suffer in the cold.

Elf Party

Wanting to go bar hopping but looking to make it a little more festive? Turn this regular event with your friends into an unforgettable holiday party.

Elves are magical little creatures that help Santa Claus in his mission to pull off a beautiful Christmas every year. They are also, undoubtedly, hilarious looking, and this theme will ensure everyone you meet will have a smile on their face. So, invite all your friends to dress in elf costumes, load up on your party bus for a fun pregame and reliable transportation to your favorite bar, and then enjoy your bar-hopping night in a funny and magical way! Then, when the fun is over, you know you and all your friends will get home safely with your professional driver. Don’t forget elf ears, as this accessory is key for the event’s success.

Holiday Spirits

This holiday party idea is a little more mellow, but a party bus will certainly elevate it and ensure it’s a memorable night!

Invite your friends to make a holiday cocktail (alcoholic or not, needs to be as premade as possible), and when you’re on the bus, you can turn on some holiday music and get to tasting! This is a great way to unwind, have fun, and get creative. Sip away and enjoy your night. If you want to make this party a little more interesting, turn it into a contest and make sure everyone writes down their scores. The winner gets a prize!

Glitzy Gatsby New Years

Is it a holiday party without some glitzy and glamour? And nobody did glitz and glamour like The Great Gatsby!

Instead of staying in and falling asleep before midnight on New Year’s night, gather your friends and family and have an unforgettable party instead! A party bus rental will help ensure you don’t crawl into bed and fall asleep early.

Before the party, deck your bus in black and gold. This is the party to really go all out with your decorations! Hang shimmering gold curtains, get some balloons, and make good use of the LED lights on your party bus. Don’t forget to invite everyone to arrive in their best 1920s glamor attire – heels, sparkly flapper fashion, faux fur shawls, and black tie for the gentlemen. Serve up cocktails and party in style as you and your friends ring in the new year!

It’s Time to Start (Holiday) Partying

We hope you enjoy these holiday party themes. They will certainly get you, your family, and your friends into the holiday spirit! Whether you get a party bus or limo for your night out, we promise it will turn your holiday celebration into an unforgettable night!

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Table of Content