A group of friends trying white wine on a Sedona Winery Tour.

Ready to go on your first winery tour? Here are some tips to help ensure you have the best time possible!

Choose Your Outfit Carefully

For your winery tour, you’re going to want to choose your outfit carefully. If you want to look nice, go for it, but think practically too. There will be quite a bit of walking and moving around. So, ladies, leaving your high heels at home is probably a good idea. Good walking shoes, a hat and sunglasses for tours that will be outside, and dark clothes (just in case you get excited and spill) are recommended.

Be Careful About Perfumes and Tastes Before the Tour

Wine tasting is all about the wonderful smells and tastes you’ll experience, and you don’t want anything to accidentally interfere. So be careful about what you eat, drink, and spray on yourself beforehand. Coffee, fruity or mint chewing gum, or candy can interfere with your palate, meaning you won’t make the most out of your tasting. The same thing can happen with heavy-scented things, like heavy perfume and cologne, cigars, or cigarettes. Avoid using strong perfumes and smoking before your winery tour, so you ensure you have the best experience.

Make Sure You Eat

We can’t emphasize this enough – do not go on a wine tour on an empty stomach! You can get accidentally drunk quickly or wind up feeling nauseous, ruining your experience.

Eat beforehand to give your stomach something to soak up the alcohol. If there’s food offered at the tasting, take a break to eat there too. Often, it will pair nicely with the wine and be a fun treat to enjoy during your tour.

Stay Hydrated

Along the same line of food, you’re going to want to make sure you stay hydrated all day. Wine tasting is fun and delicious, but alcohol will dehydrate you. So ensure you and your friends or family are taking water breaks throughout the day. Not to mention, staying hydrated will prevent you from feeling hangover effects the next day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Wines

You may be a white wine girl or a cab guy only, but this is the time to explore. Don’t just stick to the wines you already know. If you do, you could be missing out on some amazing regional varieties you didn’t know existed. So, on your winery tour, be sure to try unfamiliar flavors and varietals. Don’t go home with any regrets because you might not be back to these wineries soon.

Don’t Worry about Red Teeth

One of the struggles of wine tasting is the fact that after drinking quite a bit of red wine, your teeth can get stained red. It’s temporary, but it can look silly to have a reddish-purple-tinged grin.

Keep in mind that this can happen to anyone drinking red wine, so no one is going to be focused on your red teeth any more than their own. You still may want to keep it under control, though, so here are a few tips. Avoid brushing your teeth right after wine tasting, as the combination of wine and toothpaste can strip the protective enamel off your teeth. Instead, drink water between your red wine sips, and that will keep your teeth white and sparkling. Having a friend keep an eye out for your teeth and you for theirs is also a great way to combat a red tooth smile.

Take Notes

Throughout the day, you’ll be trying so many wines, it might be hard to keep them straight. If you want to go home and order your favorite wine (or avoid the ones you really didn’t like), take some notes so you don’t forget what you thought. And be sure to write it in a way you remember. That could be describing the notes, the smells, or what the label looked like.

Book Transportation

If your tasting doesn’t include transportation, it’s essential you book your own. Chances are you will taste many types of wine and those little sips can add up to a substantial amount. Not to mention, ensuring your group stays together and finding good parking is stressful all on its own.

If you want to make your first winery tour one to remember, consider booking a party bus or limo for you and your group! Your chauffeur will pick you up and drive you to the vineyard locations and tasting rooms of your choice. You can keep water bottles and a few snacks in your bus or limo to ensure you and your friends stay in good spirits, and during the drive, you can blast your favorite playlist. The best part – there’s no stressing about finding parking or choosing a designated driver. Your whole group can enjoy the winery tour to the fullest and rest easy knowing you’ll all get home safely at the end of the day.

Let Us Help You Make Your Winery Tour Memorable

If you want your winery tour to be fun, memorable, and worry-free, Scottsdale Party Bus & Limo is ready to assist you! We are your go-to for your Arizona party bus rental needs and have the best selection of buses with all the essential features you’re looking for. Whether you want a limo or party bus, we are happy to meet your needs and make it a wine-tasting experience to remember!

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