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People attending a concert in Phoenix, Arizona.

To maximize your concert and make it stress-free, there needs to be a little planning involved. Here are some top tips to ensure you have the best time!

Buy Earplugs

We’re putting this at the top because this is a very important, although not all that common, tip when attending a concert – buy yourself some earplugs. It is crucial to take care of your ears!

No one wants to look like a dork with earplugs sticking out of their ears. But health is always more important than style. Do you want to be dealing with ear pain or, even worse, tinnitus (that constant ringing in your ears)? Browse the internet or your local pharmacy for a pair of earplugs. They don’t even have to be expensive. But a little protection goes a long way in keeping your eardrums safe for future concerts.

Get Familiar with the Music

Whether it’s an artist you’ve always wanted to see or you’re tagging along with friends to see a band you’re not really familiar with, it helps to know what will be played. When you know the songs and even memorize the lyrics, it can make the show even more fun because then you can sing along. After all, singing at the top of your voice with everyone else in the crowd is a pivotal aspect of any concert experience!

This is an easy one to prepare for – just listen to the artist’s album when you have time. Driving in the car, cooking dinner, and while you’re in the shower will help you get familiar with the music and ready for an even more fun time.

Plan How to Get There

You always want to make sure you have a clear plan for getting to the venue. It might not be difficult direction-wise, but take into account the traffic and parking that will undoubtedly be crowded.

Carpooling with your friends or getting a ride share are fine and popular options. However, if you want to take your concert experience to the next level, consider renting a party bus with your friends! With a party bus, there’s no worrying about navigating, traffic, or parking. Load up on the bus and get the party started while you head over to the venue! Play the artist’s music to get everyone excited, and have some drinks with your friends (yep, you can bring your own alcoholic drinks with you!). By pregaming on the bus, you won’t have to pay for expensive drinks at the venue. Best of all, your ride will be waiting to pick you up at the end of the event. Then, you and your friends can rest comfortably and talk about the concerts while a professional driver ensures you make it home safely.

Dress Comfortably

You may want to dress fashionably, but keep in mind concerts can be tiring. You have to wait in long lines, stand quite a bit, and you’ll likely be dancing or jumping around at some point. Dressing comfortably is key, especially when it comes to your shoes. Ladies: avoid open-toed shoes and heels. This will protect your toes from getting crushed by feet and sticky from spilled drinks. You have a long night ahead of you, and you don’t want to be regretting your footwear choice after the second song. Boots and sneakers are great choices no matter who you’re going to see.

Make Sure You’re Packed and Ready to Go

Before you head out for the concert, make sure you have everything you need for the night.

First, if you’re bringing a bag, check the bag policy in advance. Every venue is different, and you don’t want to be turned away because your bag doesn’t fit in their policy. When in doubt, small clear bags like fanny packs or a clutch are usually a safe bet to carry your essentials and get you quickly through security. Next, get your essentials in your bag. Wallet, house keys, and if you can, a portable phone charger will be a game changer. You don’t want to be dealing with anxiety when your phone gets down to 2%. Be ready and bring your own battery, just in case!

Last but not least, add your concert ticket to your wallet app. Save time and the battery it’ll take to reload your email and search for your ticket by saving your ticket to your wallet app before you leave home. Easy access will help set the tone for a fun, stress-free night!

Be in the Moment

Our last parting tip is to be present. While you’ll want to document your time there, don’t forget to put the phone down and experience the music being played. You paid for this experience. Moments like listening to an artist play live is something you’ll want to pay attention to! So, grab a video or two, snap a few pics with your friends, and then put your phone in your pocket. Now, immerse yourself in the artist’s music, connect with those around you, dance, laugh, and have the best time!

Let Us Help You Make Your Concert Unforgettable

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Table of Content