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A couple who utilized travel tips enjoy a stress-free day at the airport.

The only thing better than travel is stress-free travel! Here are some travel tips to help make your airport experience a little less stressful.

Choose Direct Flights

Flights with layovers in another city might be a little cheaper, but they can cost you more in stressful times. When you book a flight, you’re never completely sure how it’s going to go. Your flight to the second stop may be delayed, making your connection tighter. Your second fight may be delayed or canceled, meaning you now need to find accommodations in a new city. Layover flights also mean you’re spending more time traveling and less time at your destination.

With a direct flight to your destination, you’ll have a faster and more convenient flight. There’s also less room for error, meaning less stress for you.

Make Lists

Travel tips can also include making sure you are ready to go before you leave to ensure less stress while in the airport. In the days leading up to your trip, make lists of everything and check them off as you go.

A packing list, a list of chores around the house before you leave, a list of essentials you want on your carry-on, a list of things you need to buy before you go, etc. This will ensure you’re not forgetting anything. It might seem excessive to make so many lists, but this way, you can spend less time wondering and worrying.

Check-in 24 Hours Before

Checking in online 24 hours in advance will save you a lot of time at the airport. No more check-in counter and waiting in lines. You can ensure you have your boarding pass ready to go, pay for your bag if you’re checking one, and double-check the departure and arrival times.

By checking in early, you can either sail right into security or print out your bag tag and pass it off to the check-in attendant. No more jumping through hoops or wasting time trying to check in at the airport!

Hire Transportation

If you want to take a big load off when you travel, consider hiring airport transportation services to handle the driving for you. There will be no stress hoping your ride share comes in time, battling driving in traffic yourself, or hoping your car is okay in the airport lot. With airport transportation services, you’ll be placing your worries in the hands of a top-quality driving professional. They’ll be prompt, courteous, and will get you to the airport when you say you want to be there. If you wish, they’ll also be able to pick you up when you arrive back home, meaning you can just grab your bags and head straight on home with no waiting around. With a car or limo service, you’ll be able to check your parking and transportation worries at the door!

Arrive Early

Whether you’re hiring a limo service or are driving yourself to the airport, make sure you give yourself plenty of time before take-off. It’s a good rule of thumb to arrive early to the airport, just to make sure you have enough time to check your bags, complete the security screening, and get to your gate.

This is especially important during holiday travel and travel during major sporting events. Airport lines can get long, and you don’t want to get caught up in line when your flight is preparing to take off.

Be Prepared

Some travel tips can seem more obvious than others. Like this one – be prepared, sure. But we mostly mean make sure you’re prepared to go through security.

Some airport security screenings will be slightly different, but you can usually bet on taking off your shoes, taking off your belt, and taking everything out of your pockets. When you’re getting close to the conveyor belt, you can prepare and start removing these items to make placing them in the bins faster. Sometimes, you’ll also need to take your liquids and computer out, so having those easily accessible will make the process smoother as well. Being ready to go will mean you get everything out in a flash, on the belt, and through the scanner while others are still trying to figure out what goes where.

Take a Deep Breath

Traveling is inherently stressful. With so many people, lines, security, and flight tracking, it can really screw up your nerves. Remember to take some deep breaths, utilize the travel tips we listed, and think about getting to your destination and enjoying yourself there. Soon enough, your travel day will all be a distant memory!

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Table of Content